LED Lighting for Professional Cultivators

LED grow lights for medicinal plants
LED lights for medicinal plants growers
LED grow lights have low energy consumption, superior light quality, and provide a perfect solution for growing medicinal plants.
Commercial grow lights
Commercial-grade LED grow lights
Grow Elite has designed and built commercial-grade LED grow lights to address the balance between your crop's production costs and profitability.
Home and hobby grow lights
For Home & Hobby Growers
The Grow Elite range of LED lights for growing plants can make it surprisingly easy to grow your fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home.
Greenhouse supplemental lighting
greenhouse LED grow lights
You know that light intensity is a critical factor in determining yield. You also understand that Mother Nature is an unreliable business partner.

Harvest more profits with Grow Elite LED grow lights

Natural light is not always reliable and often falls short of giving crops what they need to grow and thrive. With Grow Elites' professional LED grow lights, you take control of your crop growth. In addition, healthier plants and a larger, more fruitful harvest are in sight! Your success will not rely on unpredictable weather.

We have the finest LED grow lights for your specific crop, whether you produce vegetables, fruits, herbs, microgreens, or flowers. The best LED plant grow lighting solution for you and your business! Suited for commercial greenhouses, vertical farms, growth chambers, and anywhere plant grow lighting is used.

Grow Elite's professional LED grow lights are developed by professional growers and experienced engineers. Using Samsung LED innovations to help you improve your crop's yield, quality, and consistency.

LED Grow Lights

Eco Grow Series (EG)

Introducing Grow Elite's high output modular LED grow light systems. Featuring our broad, balanced horticulture PAR spectrum and is available in 150 to 900 watts combinations to match your growing method and crop. The Eco-Grow series is your answer from vertical grows racking to open table to small grow tent.
Grow Elite EG Series grow lights
Grow Elite greenhouse grow lights

Greenhouse Series (GH)

High-output, slim form factor LED horticulture lights by Grow Elite. The GH series is perfect for serious plant farmers, from greenhouse growers to grow tents. So now is the time to ditch your obsolete HID lights.

4' T8 LED Grow Tube

The T8 form LED grow tube from Grow Elite feature's a ballast bypass system. As a result, it can be easily retrofitted into your current fluorescent T8 lighting fixtures.
Grow Elite 4' T8 LED grow tube