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Commercial-grade LED grow lights for professional plant growers

As a commercial plant grower, you know there is a delicate balance between your crop's production costs and profitability.  At Grow Elite, we design and build commercial-grade LED grow lights to address that issue and more. 

Are you vertically growing micro-greens with low light requirements? Do you have high DLI heirloom tomatoes in Rockwool cubes? Regardless of the cultivar, Grow Elite has the answer for your commercial grow lighting needs.
LED grow lights for floriculture

Lower your energy costs

High-intensity Discharge (HID) grow lighting systems are incredibly inefficient, often wasting more than 40% of their energy to produce light. That is one reason a well-designed 600W LED grow light fixture can match the output of a 1000W HID grow light. 

Compared with the industry leading HPS bulb at 1.7uMols per Joule, Grow Elite LED grow lights can deliver 2.5uMols/J or better to your plants.  

In a 500 light grow room, the energy saved can be more than 200,000W! That reduced electrical cost is a decisive factor for your ROI in LED grow lighting.

LED Grow Lights significantly reduce labor and maintenance costs

HID lamps have a dramatically shorter lifespan of "up to" 10,000hrs, compared to Grow Elite LED grow lights, which can reach over 35,000hrs in a commercial grow operation.

Grow Elite LED grow light fixtures require no bulb changes and very little maintenance beyond the glass shield's regular cleaning. Compare that with the typical expense of bulb removal and reflector disassembly to clean HID lamps. Should we mention the production downtime and labor involved?
Long life LED horticulture lights
Healthy plants with LED grow lights

Improve the overall plant health

A general improvement in crop health and an increase in yield is expected when switching from HID to LED grow lights. Growing a better product also grows your business's bottom line.

More critical, Grow Elite LED grow lights will supply a consistent and predictable PAR amount to your crop, year after year. With our reliable LED grow lights covering your produce, you can more easily dial in the perfect environment and focus on growing your plants.

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