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LED greenhouse grow lights for greenhouse farmers

As a greenhouse farmer, you are aware that light intensity can dictate yield. You also know that Mother Nature can be a very unreliable business partner.  
At Grow Elite, we design and build our commercial LED grow lights to address your issues.
Are you growing a wide variety of hydroponic vegetables? Do you have high DLI medical plants in living soil? Regardless of your growing method, Grow Elite has the answer for your greenhouse grow lighting needs.
LED grow lights quick ROI
LED grow lights increase crops yield

Increase your crops yield

Stop relying on the weather. The temperature and growing season are becoming harder and harder to predict. Springtime rain storms, early winters, and gloomy days take a toll on your plant's health. And weak plants make for a weak yield.  

On those dark and hazy days, supplement the low levels of sunshine that reach your plants with full-spectrum LED grow lights.  

Our greenhouse grow lights use a plant PAR (Photo-synthetically Active Radiation) spectrum designed for greenhouse farming.   

Grow Elite's balanced full-spectrum LED light recipe supplements the Sun's nourishing rays. Without unnecessarily boosting areas of the PAR spectrum that can influence each plant species differently.

Suppose your crop benefits from supplemental Far Red, Deep Blue, or UV lighting. In that case, we recommend the addition of Grow Elite's AMP series of isolated spectrum LED grow lights.

Get consistent results

You will reach your plants maximum DLI (Daily Light Integral) every day, regardless of the cloud coverage or hours of daylight. With supplemental greenhouse LED grow lights, you can harvest on-time every time.

Be confident in the quality of the goods you put your name. Maintaining a consistent size, color, and taste with each crop will be much easier when dark clouds are replaced by LED grow lights with the flick of a switch.

With supplemental greenhouse lighting, you not only control the weather but the length of day as well.  Lengthen the day for slow-growing crops and dial in the perfect light cycle.
consistent crop results
lower greenhouse operating costs

Reduce operating costs

If you already use HID (High-Intensity Discharge) supplemental lighting, the equivalent LED grow lights will reduce your electricity bill by up to 43%.  

Since LED grow lights use less power than HID, they also produce less heat, saving you money on HVAC costs.

And the heat produced by LED grow lights is directed away from your crop's canopy, instead of towards it like HID grow lights. It will be much easier to reduce temperature imbalances, improve the climate below the canopy, and keep disease away.

Your Go-To Grow Lighting Professionals

At Grow Elite, we want to help you make the right decision for your greenhouse farming needs.  

Our team of horticulture lighting pros will work with you. We can help determine the best supplemental lighting layout to meet your production budget and plant DLI requirements. 

GH60 600W greenhouse light
600W High Output 4' Greenhouse Grow Light
GH30 300W greenhouse light
300W High Output 2' Greenhouse Grow Light