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High Output Modular LED Grow Light Systems

Looking for a multipurpose LED grow light? From microgreens to mother plants, the 150W three bar system from Grow Elite has your plants covered.

You’ll love the reliability of genuine Samsung LED’s and the silence of our passive cooling design. Grow Elite LED grow lights pull the heat upwards, away from the plant canopy and through the built in heatsink. Your crop can be placed much closer to the grow lamp than traditional grow lamps with no fear of heat burn.

Grow Elite’s high output modular led grow light systems are fully dimmable and available in 150 to 900 watts combinations to match your growing method and crop. From vertical grow racking to open table to small grow tent, the Eco-Grow series is your answer.
5 year limited warranty
UL Certified
Hort DLC Listed
RoHS Compliant - NO Hg - NO Pb
Commercial Use
FDA Compliant
GMP Ready

Growers, meet the Grow Elite EG15W3

Vertical Racking

Plant Grow Lighting
EG15W3 quick specs
Uses GD150 external driver

Open Table

Indoor Grow Lighting
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Three Bar 150W Modular Grow Light

The EG15W3 LED grow light is for plants that require medium to low amounts of light and is suitable for vertical rack growing, grow tents, and rooms with limited space.

•   150W dim-to-off
•   High PPFD output
•   Full PAR spectrum
•   Fits small spaces
Spectral Quantum Distribution chart

◉ Boost your spectrum with AMP bars

Deep Blue
Far Red
Simple to install
No bulbs to replace, easy to clean, and simple to install.
Electricity Savings
Grow Elite LED grow lights use up to 60% less energy than traditional HID grow lights to achieve the same results.
Long life
Designed for the heavy use and harsh climate of indoor growing and are backed by our 5-year limited warranty.
Full Spectrum
Proprietary plant growth spectrum designed by our team of professional Growers.

General Specifications: 



Order CodeGEEG-150W3-FS GEEG-150W3-FS-C
Order #5540721155407411
DescriptionThree Bar HO Modular Grow Light w/ GD150W Driver
Input Voltage (VAC)120-277V277-480V
Dimmability0-10V Dim-to-off
Distribution Angle120°
PPF480 µMol/s
Efficacy2.5 µMol/j
Location RatingUL Wet
Thermal ManagementPassive
Average Rated LifeL70: 165,000 hrs @ 40° C
L90: 49,000 hrs @ 40° C
Operating TemperatureMin -13°F (-25° C), Max 113°F (45° C)
Power Factor0.98
ApplicationsOpen Table; Vertical Racking
Frame & FinishPowder Coated Aluminum
Ingress Protection>IP 65
Dimensions43” width x 21.75” length x 3.75” height
Product Weight15lbs
SpectrumFull Spectrum

Nominal Amperage by Voltage:

Order Code 120V208V240V277V347V400V480V