Samsung & LED grow lights the importance of using high-quality LED chips in your LED grow lights

We hear this often:
Why are you using Samsung chips? I want an affordable LED grow light. I don’t need a name-brand chip.
True, dozens of LED chip manufacturers and resellers offer economy chips at a low cost. These chips may work fine in a flashlight or bedroom lamp, but their flaws come to light quickly in a harsh environment like a greenhouse or grow room.

High-quality LED manufacturers, like Samsung, produce reliable chips. The operating characteristics are consistent. Their binning process (sorting the LEDs according to beam angle, color, intensity, and voltage drop) follows stringent guidelines. From chip-to-chip, they have nearly identical color and intensity. High-quality LED chips will perform as specified in a horticulture environment.

Samsung Chips vs Others | image
Samsung chip assembly | image
Low-cost LED chips suffer from cost-cutting measures. Manufacturer issues with their supply chain and variations in the raw materials available directly affect the LED chip quality. In addition, their binning process may not be strict enough to provide the consistent color, intensity, and beam angle required for horticulture lighting.

In most cases, the cost-cutting measure of low-quality LED manufacturers are undetectable by human eyes. But inconsistencies in chip color or PPF output will show in your commercial crop come harvest time.
In the long run, LED chips with low-quality raw materials will degrade quickly, especially considering the harsh environment of grow rooms and greenhouses. Unfortunately, that means your grow lights will need replacement sooner.
As a Samsung LED development partner, Grow Elite works closely with Samsung’s design team. As a result, the LED chips we use in our grow lights are reliable and produce a consistent PAR spectrum.

Your LED grow lights are part of your production process and a key component to profitability. At Grow Elite, we take that very seriously. You need reliable and consistent LEDs driving your plants to maximize photosynthesis. That’s why Grow Elite commercial horticulture grow lights primarily use Samsung LEDs.
Samsung LED illuminated | image