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LED grow lights for medicinal plants.

As a medicinal plant grower, you know that light quality and intensity significantly influence the final harvest. The quality of your grow light’s output affects every part of your plant’s development; Weight, taste, smell, size, and more! 

At Grow Elite, we design and build our LED grow lights to address this and other aspects of growing medicinal plants.

  • Are you a greenhouse farmer growing hemp?
  • Indoors, cultivating medication for your collective?  
  • In a converted warehouse with a commercial crop of legal cannabis?
  • Grow Elite has the answer for your grow lighting needs.
Cannabis led grow lights

Improve the quality of your final product

Our LED grow lights use a plant PAR (Photo-synthetically Active Radiation) spectrum built for cannabis and hemp growers.   

Grow Elite's balanced full-spectrum LED light recipe considers that there are many different cultivars and phenotypes. All of which have slightly different lighting requirements.

Did you know that too much "Green" in the spectrum can damage THC? Or that not all cultivars react the same to Far Red or UV lighting? At Grow Elite, we build LED lighting systems for growing plants. With no surprises, no gimmicks - just science.

Suppose your specific strain benefits from supplemental Far Red, Deep Blue, or UV lighting? For that reason, we built the Grow Elite AMPLIFY series of isolated spectrum LED grow lights. 

Reduce plant stress and health risks

One LED grow light from Veg to Flower!
Moving plants from the "Veg" room to the "Flower" room adds unnecessary stress to your plants and exposes them to potential pests and diseases.

To compensate for the incomplete lighting spectrums provided by HID lighting, growers have adopted many tricks. With the latest LED grow lighting technology, it's simply not necessary!

The powerful output and balanced full PAR spectrum of Grow Elite LED grow lighting systems mean you can keep your plants in one room for their lifecycle. This sensible solution reduces labor costs, improves your crop's health, and ultimately increase production results.
medicinal grow room with LED
medicinal grow room with LED lighting
Tending cannabis under LED grow lights

Low maintenance

HID lamps have a dramatically shorter lifespan of "up to" 10,000hrs, compared to Grow Elite LED grow lights, which can reach over 35,000hrs in a commercial grow operation.

HID lamps, despite their claimed lifespan, are generally replaced after only 9 to 18 months in the cannabis industry. This degradation in light output and quality of HID grow lamps will substantially impact crop production.

The costs of replacing those HID lamps on a yearly rotation (average), along with the production downtime and labor involved, are considerable.

Grow Elite LED grow light fixtures require no bulb changes and very little maintenance beyond regular cleaning.

Your Go-To Grow Lighting Professionals

At Grow Elite, we want to help you make the right decisions for your medicinal plant facility.  

Our team of horticulture lighting pros will work with you. We can help determine the best grow lighting systems and layout to meet your production budget and plant development goals.